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RAW NoDB is a query engine used by businesses of all sizes. It can be hosted either on-premise or in the cloud. Hybrid deployment is also supported. The solution queries data for file formats such as CSV, JSON, XML and machine logs.

RAW NoDB supports complex queries including nested queries. Data can be cleaned, transformed and joined across different sources. Smart caching and parallel query execution are available. The solution works with languages such as Python and JAVA, data lake formats such as Parquet and data frameworks such as Spark.

RAW NoDB includes support for parsing semi-structural data. Data structures including hierarchies and arrays as well as polymorphic functions are also supported. Reusable codes can be built for data processing. Users can preview partial results while building a query.

The solution is available on a yearly subscription basis and support is provided via phone, email, live chat and an online ticketing system.


RAW NoDB - Edit queries
  • RAW NoDB - Edit queries
    Edit queries
  • RAW NoDB - Run raw query
    Run raw query
  • RAW NoDB - Query dataset
    Query dataset
  • RAW NoDB - Geoplots
  • RAW NoDB - Scatter plot display
    Scatter plot display
Sistemas operativos compatibles:
Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Navegador web (independiente de SO), Windows 8, Windows 10