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POSiSales is an on-premise point of sale solution designed for restaurants, cafes, gift shops, florists and other small businesses. Key features include a customer database, split bills, tax management and reporting.

POSiSales enables retailers to upload information for multiple products and classify them into categories. It offers the capability to create an interim invoice and add more items prior to invoice processing. Users can also email invoices to customers, warehouses, kitchens or reception.

POSiSales generates reports at the end of the day which can include metrics such as items sold, invoices and the total time spent at work by staff members. Users can customize the tax type and currency depending on their location. The solution is compatible with iOS devices and can also integrate with Dropbox, Tyro, cash drawers and receipt printers.

Perpetual licenses are available for a one-time fee that includes support via email, phone and an online form.


POSiSales - Checkout screen
  • POSiSales - Checkout screen
    Checkout screen
  • POSiSales - POSiSales settings
    POSiSales settings
Sistemas operativos compatibles:
Mac OS, Navegador web (independiente de SO)

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For the right place, it can be good

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The software reboots extremely fast. When you are in the heat of the "rush" and need to do an update, you're back online quick

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Too many steps when you need to create the simplest drink like a Dirty Martini. You have to select whether its vodka or gin, what kind of vodka, dirty , and whether it's up or not. Too many sub-screens