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StandPilot is a cloud-based stand and lead management and email marketing solution for exhibitors at conferences and trade shows. Users can capture and process leads, manage stand building activities, showcase products from an interactive catalog and automatically email visitors about an exhibit. StandPilot helps users through the process of creating, managing and tracking contacts during an event. Data can be freely imported and exported to and from an existing customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The solution also helps users create digital product catalogs with descriptions, photos, documents and videos. An integrated email sender lets exhibitors email products to visitors straight from the catalogue. StandPilot’s stand management module includes the abilities to track team performance, manage staff schedules and track events and appointments. The stand building management module helps with the process of designing, producing and staffing an exhibit’s stand. StandPilot offers services on per event basis that includes support via phone and email.
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