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Pecan helps business intelligence, operations, marketing, and sales teams predict mission-critical outcomes. As the world’s only low-code predictive analytics and data science platform, Pecan enables companies to harness the full power of AI and predictive modeling without requiring any intervention from data scientists. Instead, Pecan empowers SQL data analysts – the traditional users of BI tools – to build and operate AI models. With Pecan’s simplified data preparation which includes raw data ingestion, automated feature engineering, and models refined for high performance in specific use cases, model deployment is accelerated by x10. Pecan’s predictions impact billions of dollars in revenue, unlocking transformational improvements in customer acquisition, customer retention and lifetime value, demand forecasting, supply-chain optimization, resource allocation, and pricing and packaging.
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  • Sector: Software informático
  • Tamaño de la empresa: 51-200 empleados
  • Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
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Relación calidad-precio
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Publicado el 18/5/2022

Pecan Review

Puntos a favor

quick modeling and data integration. pecan team has deep knowledge of our vertical and came equipped with ideas and best practices.


dashboard took a bit of getting used to but the data is all there

Respuesta de Pecan

Hi Mike. Thank you for the positive feedback! If there is anything we can do to help with "getting use to the dashboards" let us know. your input is valuable to us.


Respondido el 19/5/2022

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