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Tpv Hostelería is a management software package for restaurants, food trucks, cafes, pizzerias, and nightclubs across Spain that automates daily sales, inventory, workforce, and reporting tasks. It comes with tailored modules, such as order monitor for the kitchen staff, drive-through order kiosk, takeaway order panel, online booking widget, or Woocommerce plugin. Available in three versions to suit various budgets, the Glop service package synchronizes the user’s website and delivery platform profiles (e.g., Glovo, Deliveroo), it enables restaurateurs to apply different rates for specific areas of their establishment (e.g., terrace, private dining room), and it displays table plans and seating arrangements to accommodate more bookings. Users can also invoice customers by email, divide the bill, automate card charges through payment gateways, configure menus, give feedback to the kitchen, and manage purchasing and stock levels on a single dashboard.
Tpv Hostelería Software - 1
Tpv Hostelería Software - 2
Tpv Hostelería Software - 3
Tpv Hostelería Software - 4
Tpv Hostelería Software - 5
Vídeo de Tpv Hostelería
Tpv Hostelería Software - 1 - miniatura
Tpv Hostelería Software - 2 - miniatura
Tpv Hostelería Software - 3 - miniatura
Tpv Hostelería Software - 4 - miniatura
Tpv Hostelería Software - 5 - miniatura

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Opiniones de Tpv Hostelería

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  • Sector: Alimentación y bebidas
  • Tamaño de la empresa: 2-10 empleados
  • Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
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Relación calidad-precio
Facilidad de uso
Asistencia al cliente

Publicado el 25/1/2022

Muy completo

Me ayuda mucho en la organización del trabajo.

Puntos a favor

Te ahorras mucho trabajo porque centralizo todo el trabajo
Organización de las comandas en cocina.


De momento nada destacable. Me funciona bien y es lo que buscaba.

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