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Swiftshop is an on-premise point of sale (POS) solution that allows users to manage their retail business sales. The solution gives users the ability to track actions performed by each individual user. Products can be grouped together by type. Each product is stored in the Swiftshop database, and can be organized by product name, type and by both buy and sell price.

Swiftshop includes both email and SMS capabilities, allowing users to send receipts, invoices and other sales documents. They can also communicate directly with customers about sales, new products, coupons, etc. The solution features customer profiles, which can be used to track sales by customer and identify loyal and lost customers. All sales recorded can be analyzed, providing users with a purchase history for each customer.

Swiftshop generates invoices and various reports. The sales function includes push-button product selection and the ability to print customer receipts. Pricing is per user.


Swiftshop - Product screen
  • Swiftshop - Product screen
    Product screen
  • Swiftshop - Sales screen
    Sales screen
  • Swiftshop - Custom products list
    Custom products list
  • Swiftshop - Custom invoices
    Custom invoices
  • Swiftshop - Receipt printing
    Receipt printing
  • Swiftshop - Payment screen
    Payment screen
Sistemas operativos compatibles:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10