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Mapex is a manufacturing execution system (MES) that helps businesses manage production planning, quality control and equipment maintenance operations. It enables employees to capture and store manufacturing data in a centralized repository and track production batches and raw materials. Mapex offers a variety of features including communication management, data import/export, alerts, Gantt charts, work order management and more. The centralized dashboard allows administrators to view production information across multiple factories, automate workflows, and generate custom reports in real-time. Additionally, it lets managers receive automated notifications for the delay in order scheduling processes via email or text messages, implement quality control procedures and manage user permissions. Mapex facilitates integration with various enterprise resource planning (ERP), MRP and SCADA systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, MySQL, Oracle, SAGE, SAP and more. The application is available on a perpetual license basis and support is extended via phone, email, documentation and other online measures.
Mapex QM Software - 1
Mapex QM Software - 2
Mapex QM Software - 3
Mapex QM Software - 1 - miniatura
Mapex QM Software - 2 - miniatura
Mapex QM Software - 3 - miniatura

Precios de Mapex QM

Mapex QM no está disponible en versión gratuita. La versión de pago de Mapex QM está disponible a partir de 10.000,00 US$/una vez.

Precio inicial:
10.000,00 US$/una vez
Versión gratuita:
Prueba gratuita:
No disponible

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