KioCloud is a cloud-based platform for small to large businesses, which helps manage kiosk server hosting, allowing users to quickly run kiosks across Android, Windows and iOS devices. The centralized platform allows enterprises... Saber más

Esper is a cloud-based kiosk solution that helps businesses deploy, secure and manage applications on mobile devices. Key features include digital signature, touch screen support, remote access and order fulfillment. Designed... Saber más

OrderUp is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in the retail industry collect orders from customers using a self-service kiosk application, streamlining point-of-sale operations. The centralized platform enables users to... Saber más

TRAY is a cloud-based software platform that enables service on-demand for merchants in the Family Entertainment, Amusement and Restaurant industries. The product suite includes point of sale, self-order kiosks, online ordering,... Saber más

Bite's best-in-class suite of digital ordering products provides guests with a personalized experience — from remembering repeat orders to making recommendations based on what guests are most likely to add to their carts. Our... Saber más

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Chimpa UEM is an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that is able to guarantee the control of mobile devices, IFPs and VRs visors because: streamlines management of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android devices with zero-touch... Saber más

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