Sine is a cloud-based visitor management solution that serves small, midsize and large businesses. It's suitable for a variety of industries including construction, schools, hospitals, offices and property managers. Key features... Saber más

Envoy is transforming modern workplaces for hybrid work and safely bringing people together so they can connect, collaborate, and thrive. Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how companies welcome visitors, keep employees... Saber más

iLobby is a cloud-based visitor management solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes in manufacturing, education and government sectors. The key features of the solution include visitor registration, notifications,... Saber más

Teem is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps small to medium-sized organizations create a streamlined workplace experience. Users can interact with people, places, and data using the mobile app, EventBoard room displays,... Saber más

ParqEx is a cloud-based parking management software that helps real estate agents, security agencies, property managers, builders, and homeowner associations (HOA) locate and reserve parking spots. The application lets users book... Saber más

TIKS is a visitor management solution that helps businesses across mining, construction, education and other industries streamline the check-in and induction processes for visitors. It allows organizations to track the movement... Saber más

Advanced workspace management software for new-age offices, coworking spaces & flex offices. With features like Meeting Room Booking & Touchless Visitor Management, Workspace analytics, Desk Booking, Internal Ticketing, and... Saber más

ADDA is an Apartment or Housing Society Management Software used by 3500+ Apartment Communities Globally. It helps the Apartment Association MC Members manage the society accounting, billing, expense tracking, resolve helpdesk... Saber más

SAFE Safety Management is a cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) software solution offered by ASK-EHS. It is suitable for businesses of any size that need to manage one or more environmental safety... Saber más


SMS by Keytech is an on-premise security management system suitable for all industries. It can be deployed across multiple sites and offers features such as digital visitor screening logs, a key registry, time and attendance... Saber más

Vgreet digital visitor management system is the key to an intuitive, connected workplace. Not just for visitors checking in, Vgreet takes care of the entire visitor management process, leaving reception staff to focus on... Saber más

piLOBI is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate processes for identification, management and tracking of visitors in the organization. Key features include self-check-in, alerts/notifications, registration... Saber más

SignMe is designed by Golden Developer and the first version was launched in 2009, then more than 40 releases were launched. The system works successfully in many governments and private sectors across the world. SignMe offers... Saber más

Welcm is a cloud-based visitor management system that allows businesses to set up a virtual reception desk to monitor office visitations and manage front desk interactions. The solution is used to track visitors’ signing in and... Saber más

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VMS Singapore is a cloud-based visitor management solution that provides visitor details on a real-time basis. The solution supports RFID and barcode readers as well as badge printers, and can be used in various facilities such... Saber más

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Entrymon is a visitor management solution that helps hotels, malls, corporate offices and to manage the entry of visitors. Key features include image capture, visitor database management, visitor tracking and real-time... Saber más

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Insight VMS is a cloud-based visitor management solution (VMS) designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries. Features include visitor recognition, badge printing, pre-registration, evacuation lists, host... Saber más

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Dorbuk is an advanced cloud-based visitor management system, which assures safe and sound visitor check-ins and check-outs. It is integrated with a cloud-based interface for accurate records, analytics and real-time alerts.... Saber más

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uScann is a cloud-based visitor management platform designed to help corporate businesses and educational institutions monitor and screen visitors' body temperatures. Professionals can use the dashboard to configure alert... Saber más

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LocalVisits is a web-based customizable booking and schedule management tool that enables customers to track appointments. The web-booker functionality provides an easy and quick way for a customer to book your service directly... Saber más

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Visitor Pro is a visitor management platform that allows businesses to receive SMS and email notification upon visitor arrival. It enables organizations to ask visitors questions prior to check-in and restrict specific visitors... Saber más

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Sitepass allows suppliers to connect with multiple hiring clients and manage a safe and compliant workforce on a centralized platform. Managers can track employees' attendance, store documents in the database and assess workers'... Saber más

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SafePass is a cloud-based visitor management solution that provides electronic badges which allow staff members to connect them with the facility's Wi-Fi network to track real-time location and other IoT services. With facial... Saber más

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